Introducing Releasable — Beta Test Management Software

Hi, I’m Matt! I’m the CEO / Founder of Releasable.

Releasable is a beta test management software that helps companies with products organize and manage the beta testing phase before officially shipping/releasing products. We help make sure your product is Releasable.

The beta testing phase occurs after the product development and engineering teams sign off on a product and before the product is officially released to customers. This is a crucial period for a product release; however, it’s often overlooked or rushed in attempts to get the product to market quickly (and start generating revenue).

I’ve seen cases where a product’s beta phase has saved the company millions of dollars based on feedback from early customer testing!

Beta testing provides useful real-world feedback that you need before launch:

  • Hardware issues — Very costly and time-consuming. This often requires redesign, retooling, and another production run, leaving you with finished goods you can’t sell.
  • Software bugs — Frustrating for you and your customers, software bugs in production will require your team to scramble last-minute for patches which might have been easily prevented.
  • Missing features — Customers know best! Let them have early access to products so they can provide their feedback early.
  • User Experience — If customers have a poor experience onboarding or using the product, they may go elsewhere. Getting early feedback on pain-points can help improve the UX to improve retention.
  • Mechanical design — The customers that use the products in the real-world likely have a lot of good ideas that you may not have thought of. Take advantage of this very early (with prototypes, etc) so your final product is near-perfect.

Releasable is a suite of tools to help your company effectively and efficiently manage this feedback, between your team and the testers.

For more information on the Releasable product, visit:

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Happy releasing!


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